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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Addictions

5 Needles in the Ear for Detox & Relapse Prevention

Addictions Main

The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine View of Addiction

Advantgages of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Treatment by Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Treatment by Western Medicine


TCM View of Addictions

It's quite different from the predominant cultural views which are rooted in moral values which lead people (addicted and non-addicted) to assign blame and negatively evaluate the worth of an addicted person. Traditional Chinese Medicine doesn't allow or invite that. Below is a brief list of the main features.

  • Addiction is a disease with origins which are irrelevant to choice.
  • Use of all substances (including many foods - foods and herbs are classifed by the same system) are forms of self-medication.
  • Change of medication is implied by the term "self-medication".
  • Change of medication is a specific change which is within the ability of the addicted person.
  • Since addictions are immune to choice and force of will, guilt and liability can't be assigned. Guilt is a risk factor for relapse.
  • TCM has many models of illness.This greatly increases the number of possible tools that can be bear on an addiction/self-medication.

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