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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Addictions

5 Needles in the Ear for Detox & Relapse Prevention

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N.A.D.A. Protocol - 5 Needles for Detox & Cravings

NADA is the acronymic name of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. In the early 1970's several medical doctors at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, NY began using a few acupuncture needles in the exterior part of the ear to suppress the problematic signs and symptoms of withdrawal from methadone. After significant experimentation, five points were settled on which have comprised the NADA protocol for nigh onto 38 years. There are stacks of research which demonstrate the efficacy of this simple protocol. It's used in more than 2500 substance abuse treatment centers around the world.

It can be done with needles or with small plant seeds or BB's taped over the five points. Here's a diagram.

Click here for N.A.D.A. web site


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