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The Chinese Medicine Sampler & Online Diagnosis - Addictions

5 Needles in the Ear for Detox & Relapse Prevention

Addictions Main

The Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine View of Addiction

Advantgages of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Treatment by Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Treatment by Western Medicine



If the list of relapse risks looks familiar it might be that you've seen them before. They're the same life circumstances that lead many people to misuse substances. Becoming "clean and sober" didn't make them go away. But, Oriental Medicine recognizes disharmonies long before the urge to use manifests. And if you learn and monitor your tongue characteristics frequently, you can recognize the beginnings of trouble before it manifests and take action to prevent it. See your acupuncturist and get Chinese herbal medicine. Have the NADA or PTSD needle protocol administered. Chew a bit of Gan Cao (licorice root). Read the Self Care section on this site.

  • personal issues
  • family roles and interactions
  • work place issues
  • medical conditions - especially chronic pain and chronic illnesses
  • possible or actual loss of loved ones
  • financial difficulties ranging from debt to bankruptcy. 
  • Psychological difficulties that accompany addiction. 


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