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The Chinese Medicine Sampler - Foundation Concepts

Foundations Main

Definition of Qi

Definition of Health

Hierachy of Healing

Organ Functions

Yin & Yang Page 1

Yin & Yang Page 2

Wu Xiang
The 5 Elements

The 6 External Qi

Jing Qi - Essence

Shen Qi - Spirit

The 8 Principles

Definition of Health

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - I'm collecting benchmarks of health from The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. Translations by Maoshing Ni and Paul Unschuld. These are just random notes.

Proper amount and rate of flow = health

"In ancient times, people led a calm and honest life. Unplagued by desire and ambition, they lived without fear. They were active but not deficient."

"There was a third type of person known as the sage. Sages lived peacefully under heaven on earth, following the rhythmns of the planet and the universe. They adapted to society without being swayed by cultural trends. They were free from emotional extremes and lived a balanced, contented life."

"The sages lived over one hundred years because they did not scatter and deplete their energies."




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